Reverse Logistics & Returns Management

At Fulfillment Works, our end-to-end supply chain management solutions go both ways. In addition to shipping orders out, we can also process large volumes of product returns with speed and accuracy!

Our reverse logistics management team works closely with clients to anticipate fluctuations in order volumes throughout the year so your customers always experience prompt returns processing. Statistics for re-stocked & damaged goods are recorded in our cutting-edge WMS, and robust reporting on those stats can be created on-demand!

We can assist with:

  • Receiving returns
  • Opening, inspecting, and sorting
  • Handling according to client-supplied guidelines and/or FDA guidelines (all of our warehouses are FDA-registered facilities)
  • Customer-feedback recording & reporting
  • Reintegration of returned products into your supply chain, or disposal

To learn more about how Fulfillment Works can help you streamline reverse logistics management, complete our Request a Quote form for a free price quote.