Inventory Control Management

Fulfillment Works provides inventory management services that allow you to optimize your inventory levels according to current business conditions. Our state-of-the-art system is fully automated to help you manage your inventory with features like real-time “low level” inventory alerts, movement history reports, and current usage analysis. Additionally, built-in Logicbroker technology lets you maintain multiple inventory feeds with retail trading partners, – allowing you to provide stock positions to your entire business ecosystem. We also have anour inventory control management team that will works with you to ensure availability of the right products at the right times to meet varying customer demands during periods of business-as-usual, promotional spikes, and seasonal volume changes.

I cannot imagine how a fulfillment service could do a better job

Internally, daily reports are used to track, analyze, and manage inventory level and mix. Our fully automated inventory control management and order processing system tracks the movement of all your SKUs – whether it is inventory in, inventory out, or bin/location transfers. We can track versions, lot numbers, and expiration dates if required.

Complete visibility is maintained through our easily integrated, real-time system so you know the status of your products 24/7. Manage your overhead and control your costs by keeping in step with current stock levels and accurately forecasting future demand.

Plus, clients can access real-time inventory tracking, reporting, orders, alerts, and more using our secure, state-of-the-art Client Access Center! To learn more about customized inventory management services we can provide for you, contact us or complete our Request a Quote form for a free price quote.