DIM Weight Optimization

The weight and size of pallets, packages, and products are major factors that affects shipping costs, logistical planning, and other key elements of fulfillment. To maximize cost savings for our clients, as well as for the efficiency of our warehouse service capabilities, Fulfillment Works uses state-of-the-art Cubiscan parcel dimensioning systems to measure the exact cubic volume and weight for each SKU in your inventory and record that data into our WMS.

Save on Shipping Costs with Package Dimensioning

By leveraging this dimensioning data strategically, Fulfillment Works can help clients optimize their DIM weight shipping costs. Because our parcel dimensioning systems provide exact measurement data, it can dramatically improve the accuracy of your shipping cost estimates (making them more like quotes) and decrease accessorial fees or other freight charges – even on small packages.

In addition to DIM optimization, Fulfillment Works regularly & relentlessly negotiates with all our suppliers for higher DIM divisors, bulk rates, and other discounts to get the best possible prices for our clients.

To learn more about our DIM optimization services or dimensional scanning capabilities, contact us for a free consultation.