Direct Response Fulfillment Services

Fulfillment Works understands the complexity and challenges of direct response fulfillment and has the resources in place to help businesses increase sales and customer satisfaction. We have extensive experience in direct response, direct mail, and infomercial fulfillment that we use to efficiently handle each stage of the supply chain – from capturing the initial order to the final delivery to your customer.

Since employing the Fulfillment Works team, business is running smoother than ever.

Fulfillment Works has the capacity to ship tens of thousands of orders per day. Our cutting edge technology allows us to handle high-volume direct response programs and spike media promotions, as well as a wide variety of media-based sales including direct mail, infomercial/DRTV, radio, print/catalog, and internet. We save our clients’ money by leveraging automated systems efficiencies and shipping volume discounts that we pass on directly to you.

Our team of dedicated account managers process orders every day for direct response and infomercial fulfillment. Our direct fulfillment services utilize a variety of data feeds, such as real-time processing through API calls, batch order files in a multitude of formats, EDI, and mail. Direct response orders are keyed in or imported directly into our fulfillment system for seamless, real-time order processing and same-day shipping.

As direct response  fulfillment experts, we know that delivering your products correctly and on time is important in achieving satisfied customers and repeat business. Your success is our goal, and as our loyal clients attest, we deliver. To learn more about the customized direct fulfillment services we can provide for you, contact us for a free consultation and quote.