EDI Compliant Order Processing

Retailers often require their suppliers to use electronic data interchange (EDI) because it enables orders to be completed seamlessly through electronic, automated means. And when it comes to B2B fulfillment service providers, you either do EDI or you don’t. When it comes to our EDI capabilities, here’s what you need to know:

  • Fulfillment Works can communicate via EDI to all major retailers
  • We are fully EDI compliant (8-series & 9-series)
  • We can create customized barcodes and shipping labels

At Fulfillment Works, our B2B solutions meet all the EDI requirements of retailers throughout the United States – which is just one of the many reasons we ship to some of the largest retail chains in the country.

Our staff is supported by our continually upgraded warehouse management and inventory control systems, order processing and tracking systems, and our EDI system. While many other 3PL companies keep these systems separate, ours is tightly integrated to keep the flow of information seamless and more efficient. In other words, our EDI solution and our order processing systems work together so all transactional and customer information remains fully integrated – allowing for robust data tracking and reporting capabilities.