B2B Fulfillment Services

At Fulfillment Works, our B2B fulfillment services meet the EDI and routing requirements of big box retailers throughout the USA. That’s one of the many reasons some of the largest retail chains in the country choose us to manage their shipping. We understand that B2B fulfillment is deadline sensitive and attention to detail is critical – there is no margin for error. Our expertise in retail fulfillment minimizes chargebacks and contributes to overall profitability. Fulfillment Works ensures that your products arrive on time, with complete accuracy, every time!

We’re Masters of Routing Guide Compliance

For retailers of any size, we support all EDI protocols and manage all Vendor Compliance requirements. Plus, our EDI solution works in conjunction with our order processing system so that all order and customer information is fully integrated. Thanks to our industry-leading technology and decades of experience with B2B fulfillment, we can provide:

  • Purchase Order receipts
  • Advance ship notifications (ASNs)
  • Compliant barcodes & parcel labels
  • Integrated data and order processing
  • Transaction management (including multiple transaction types)
  • and more

To learn more about the customized B2B fulfillment services we can provide for you, contact us with any questions you may have, or complete our Request a Quote form for a free price quote.