Fulfillment Client Testimonials

We could talk all day about what sets Fulfillment Works apart; why we’re more than just a vendor, and how much we invest in helping our clients succeed. But it means a lot more coming from our clients themselves. Here are some of our fulfillment client testimonials. Read on for our clients’ thoughts on what it’s like to partner with us…

A Growth Partner - Not Just a Fulfillment Vendor

“As Associate Producer of one of New York’s largest annual fundraising events, Fulfillment Works has been a lifesaver for me. They have not only provided top-notch service and care, they have become a partner to us rather than simply a vendor. The quality of business that I provide is greatly accelerated by the outstanding management and service delivered by Fulfillment Works.”

EDI, Warehouse and Supply Chain Management Services that Grow With Your Business

“Nearly three years ago when we were in the process of selecting a new Fulfillment partner that would be able to support our company’s rapid growth and expansion, we had no idea that our company would grow at a rate of 350% during that period. With their strong leadership, good people and up-to-date technology, Fulfillment Works has been able to keep step with our growth and have demonstrated their proven support in the areas of EDI, Warehouse Management Systems and Supply Chain Management. Utilizing our shared network they continually find ways to add value in their execution of daily warehousing, order fulfillment and pack outs. Our partnership with Fulfillment Works has contributed greatly to providing our customers the best possible customer service available and allowed us to maintain the competitive advantage to remain the leader in our high-end, fast paced industry.”

Sterling Customer Service (Even Before Day One)

“I could not be happier with Fulfillment Works. From Day 1 they have worked with me to customize their service to my needs. When I was shopping around, I asked them if they could provide ship confirmation e-mails to my customers. They could, but only from an e-mail address on their server. Within 24 hours (without me even signing up yet) they had implemented a module on their own system allowing them to send ship confirmations from my customer service e-mail address. My account manager anticipates most problems and, if problems do arise, resolves them quickly and effectively. She can almost always be reached by phone, and responds to phone messages and e-mails within an hour. I would STRONGLY recommend Fulfillment Works. I honestly cannot imagine how a fulfillment service could do a better job. “

Keeping Clients and Customers Happy

“Fulfillment Works has an excellent team of people! We have sent them huge projects with strict deadlines and they have always come through for us. I have complete trust in Fulfillment Works and can’t imagine working with anyone else. Fulfillment Works helps us make OUR clients happy. “

Absolute Dependability & A Critical Link in the Customer Satisfaction Chain

“Fulfillment Works is a superb partner. They are a critical link in the customer satisfaction chain and they have exhibited absolute dependability. Moreover, their responsiveness to any comments or questions is virtually instantaneous. It is our good fortune to have found such a capable, efficient and effective company as our business partner. “

Outsourced Warehousing and Shipping that are Second to None

“Fulfillment Works is a wonderful asset for any company that’s ready to outsource their warehousing and shipping. They’re responsive to our needs and to the needs of our customers. The entire organization understands that customer service is the key to business. They treat every inquiry with real concern, courtesy and warmth. Everyone on our staff loves Fulfillment Works. “

Helping Clients Grow and Surpass Expectations

“Despite high expectations, Fulfillment Works rises to the occasion every time. We attribute much of our success to your expertise, management and solid shipping and inventory tracking systems that make us look good to our customers time and time again.”

Long-Term Partnerships, Solid Relationships

“The team at Fulfillment Works operates as an integral part of our company; paying close attention to details and systems. Our customers are satisfied and so are we. Plus, they’re great people to work with. “

Every Single Client Gets Our VIP Treatment

“I have been repeatedly surprised by the detailed care taken with even the smallest customer service situations. I am left feeling like Fulfillment Works’ most important client each time. “

Smooth Fulfillment Transition Lets Company Focus on Growth

“As a small start up company experiencing quick growth and increased number of products, we soon realized we needed to outsource our fulfillment and storage. We heard horror stories of fulfillment centers and wanted to hold onto that aspect of business as long as possible thinking it was the best solution. Luckily, our sister company referred Fulfillment Works when the time came to outsource and said they were hands down the best center they had ever worked with. From day one, our transition was smooth and stress-free.

Since joining the Fulfillment Works team, our customer satisfaction has increased and receipt of their orders has been timely and packaged professionally; our refund rate has dropped significantly; and our cost for shipping, materials and postage has dropped as well. Business is running smoother than ever which has allowed us to focus on growth and new product development. I will recommend Fulfillment Works to any business needing a fulfillment center. The Fulfillment Works team is professional, friendly and experts at what they do!”

The Best Value We Have Found

“Our company is committed to Fulfillment Works. We have used four different fulfillment contractors and had obtained quotes from over 20 different vendors before moving to Fulfillment Works. Our orders are far more difficult to fulfill than most vendors because we have over 3,000 SKUs in inventory and our average order is 13 items, so we realize that errors will happen. A 1% error rate is realistic for our business based on past vendors. What differentiates Fulfillment Works is how seriously they respond to issues and prevent them from recurring. As a result, Fulfillment Works has minimized our error rate and delivered excellent service at a very competitive price. Plus they have automation advantages and the ability to view our orders on the Internet that make Fulfillment Works the best value we have found. We migrated to Fulfillment Works about 18 months ago and are very happy with our decision.”

E-commerce Fulfillment Helps Startup's Sales Skyrocket

“Fulfillment Works literally launched our business for us. Our product appeared in People magazine, and what was a hobby turned into a business overnight – literally! Without them, my company would not have been able to fill the thousands of orders we suddenly found coming our way. Quite simply, Fulfillment Works was a lifesaver for us, and we cannot imagine doing business without them. Their attention to detail, customer service and great work is 100% unmatched in their industry. “

Ready For Your Close Up?

“Fulfillment Works is to us what a stylist is to a celebrity: They’re behind the scenes making us look good.”