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Why You Need to Work on Your Returns Policy

December 3, 2014 Published by

One of the main drawbacks about shopping online is that you can’t really “see” an item before you buy it. Unless you’ve been showrooming, you’re putting your trust in the online retailer that the item will meet your expectations when it arrives. That said, return policies are an important factor in the success of ecommerce businesses. Let’s look at why. [more]

comScore released a study that surveyed thousands of online shoppers. It’s worth noting what those shoppers thought about online returns policies:

  • 63% said they review a seller’s returns policy before purchasing
  • 48% said they would shop more often with an online seller if they had a lenient and easy to understand returns policy
  • 48% said they would recommend the retailer to a friend based on the retailer’s return policy

Those are significant numbers backing just one element of the online shopping experience. Since it’s not really considered above, it’s worth mentioning here that a lenient returns policy is also a great way to instill trust in your brand and even improve the quality of your company. Think about it; by easily accepting returns, you’re showing customers that you stand behind your products and that you’re willing to fix any issues that cause returns.
However, the best type of returns policy for customers, free returns, will come at a cost to you. You might be able to afford it, but it will help if you can minimize returns – which we will cover in our next blog post.