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Which Data to Watch to Increase Business

September 9, 2015 Published by

Understanding the big data collected by your ecommerce site is important for growing your audience and sales numbers. But, the industry uses the term “big” data for a reason. Which areas should you focus on for the best ROI? In today’s industry, you need to focus on data that helps you better understand your customers and enables you to create a strategy of improvement. The following areas should do just that. [more]


This is Marketing 101, and it’s not exclusive to ecommerce business models. Identifying your customer demographics helps you figure out the best way to communicate with your target audiences and craft messages that resonate with them.


Similar to demographics, identifying the lifestyles of your target audience is important for understanding them and actually reaching them with your marketing messages. Knowing that your target demographic is college-educated males aged 18-30 is all well and good, but without any idea of the lifestyles they lead, you’ll be forced to only ever use generic marketing approaches.

Traffic Sources

Knowing where your customers come from and how they find your website is important for forming marketing campaigns and strategy. An understanding of your traffic sources tells you:

  • Where your audience is online
  • How to engage with them (e.g. social media)
  • Where to invest your marketing efforts – should expand your efforts in underperforming traffic drivers to increase your web presence and brand awareness, or focus on large sources of traffic to increase performance and sales even further?

Email Data

Open rates, bounce rates, engagement statistics: all of these give you insight into which messages drive sales, and which get ignored. Adjust your messages accordingly to ensure your email marketing is as effective as possible.