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What to Look For in a Third-Party Fulfillment Partner

September 24, 2014 Published by

Logistics and delivery-handling directly reflects on your company – even if your company isn’t directly involved with those areas. According to a 2014 UPS “Pulse of the Online Shopper” survey, about half of consumers have abandoned carts because no delivery date was provided at checkout, or the delivery time was too long. Of that group, 27% said the lateness or overly lengthy delivery time would negatively influence their decision to shop with that retailer again.  [more] With that in mind, you need a third-party logistics provider who won’t let you down. Generally, these are the attributes you should look for:

Capabilities: A great logistics provider should be able to handle not just the volume of your orders, but be able to meet other fulfillment needs. At Fulfillment Works we provide every imaginable fulfillment service, including:

  • data entry
  • order processing
  • product fulfillment
  • literature fulfillment
  • inventory control
  • storage
  • pick & pack and EDI services
  • kit building, hand assembly, and customized packaging solutions
  • catalog, infomercial, and all types of direct response fulfillment
  • And much more

Experience and Understanding: Ideally, your logistics provider should understand your business and your brand. To experience our unmatched level of service, simply contact us with your specific challenge. We have helped clients of nearly all sizes and industries.

Flexibility: Your logistics provider should be as flexible as your industry – able to grow and scale its services alongside your business. At Fulfillment Works, experienced account managers lead dedicated warehouse teams to master all aspects of our clients’ fulfillment needs – including their unique products, customers, and shipping policies.