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What Shipping Features Shoppers Really Want

December 23, 2014 Published by

For all the advancements the Internet has made over the years, is appears some ecommerce stores are lagging behind. According to a survey of 2,000 consumers and 60 retailers conducted by OrderDynamics and Opinion Matters, most online retailers are disconnected from the shipping feature consumers want and expect. [more] Some insights from the survey include:

  • 54% of shoppers want a specific delivery date at checkout (only 15% of retailers provide it)
  • 61% of retailers have next-day shipping options (but only 10% of consumers were willing to pay for them. It’s no wonder why free shipping can increase sales)
  • 45% of consumers would rather skip shipping altogether and be shown a nearby store with the product in stock (only 11% of retailers have this feature)

Statistics like this beg the question: Do retailers have the complete picture of their logistics operations? At Fulfillment Works, our logistics management services use a suite of integrated systems that handle order management, inventory, returns management and supply chain needs along with customized reporting. Complete visibility is maintained through our online, real-time client access center so you know the status of your shipments 24/7. Contact us today to learn more about our turnkey logistics management services.