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Ways to Strengthen Shopper Trust and Loyalty

July 20, 2016 Published by

Customer retention in ecommerce requires brands to earn the trust of shoppers. In its 2015 Consumer Payments Survey, PwC’s subsidiary Strategy& found that users value the following elements when shopping online: data privacy, transaction security, and worthwhile rewards for brand loyalty. [more]

Essentially, these all boil down to issues of trust. Shoppers want peace of mind knowing that their personal information won’t be abused or sold, that their financial data will be secure, and that e-tailers will reward their loyalty and information-sharing with good deals. Addressing these concerns can help you build trust and loyalty with your customers, but where can you start? Consider these areas:


Data collection and analysis are powerful tools for delivering an enhanced shopping experience. However, because data privacy is so important to users, your data collection should be conducted tactfully and transparently. Instead of hiding behind the legalese of your site’s privacy policy, be as plainspoken as possible with customers about the data you collect and how it is used.

Transaction Security Technology

Similarly to personal data, customers want assurance that their financial data is safe. If you are using the latest security tools, there is nothing for them to worry about – so highlight that. Include a copy on your site and order confirmation emails about your security practices to put users at ease.

Evaluate how you reward customer loyalty

Returning customers generate about three times more revenue than new customers. To increase your number of returning customers, look for ways to integrate loyalty and rewards throughout your site. If you’re not sure what your customers want, ask them.