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Using Live Video Assistance to Convert Mobile Users

December 22, 2015 Published by

The “Live Chat” form of ecommerce customer support has proven to be an effective way to engage with customers, provide service, and increase sales. Live engagement tools can be helpful as you shift your focus toward mobile devices, but there are some pros and cons you should be aware of. [more]

On desktops, text chatting with customer service reps allows customers to quickly get answers to specific questions. Unfortunately, the experience doesn’t translate smoothly to mobile:

  • Typing detailed questions on a mobile device can be cumbersome
  • Limited ability to continue shopping while chatting
  • Extended response times from chat agents (who are likely handling multiple customers) runs counter to the vibe of “immediacy” that is central to the mobile experience

Fortunately, the power of mobile platforms does allow for ways to overcome these setbacks. Live video assistance that includes simultaneous voice, video, text and co-browsing with an agent can deliver a superior experience and level of customer satisfaction. Beneficial features of live mobile video assistance include:

  • A seamless experience (no download actions required from customer)
  • Agent assisted navigation of the customer app/website
  • “Finger painting” by the operator on the mobile screen to highlight content
  • In the event of “technical difficulties” (e.g. the mobile device does not allow access to the microphone via the browser) agents can call the customer.

Of course, the implementing a truly a good video assistance platform may not be the best fit for every ecommerce site. But it’s helpful to think about why video assistance is effective: it’s the next best thing to an in-person sales associate who can help customers choose items and check out. Are there ways your current customer service model can replicate that experience?