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Using Email to Increase Mobile Purchases

June 3, 2015 Published by

As we’ve covered before, mobile internet usage is growing at an incredible pace. But, many ecommerce sites are still struggling with strategies to capture all of this traffic. One approach that many forget to consider is email marketing. [more]

What’s the number one use for mobile devices? Checking emails! According to IBM Digital Analytics Benchmark, more than 46% of last year’s Cyber Monday emails were opened on mobile devices. By changing your email marketing to better cater to mobile users, you stand to increase your mobile sales.

First and foremost, clear design crucial. Mobile browsing is not the easiest experience, so the less time your user needs to spend figuring out what to do, the better. Use responsive design to make sure your emails are easy to interact with via small touch screen. You should also make sure that whatever page they click-through to is also mobile-friendly.

Secondly, you’ll need to make sure the payment process is simplified. Mobile users are mobile – so while they me be free to browse, they might not pull out their credit card or otherwise access their payment information. In-app payments and stored payment solutions (e.g. Paypal) can solve this issue. Alternatively, you can place a “remind me later” button on your product pages that emails users with a product link and information. If they don’t follow-up, you can send reminder emails to prompt them to complete the purchase. If you start your testing now, you should be in good shape for 2015’s holiday season.