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Tips on Fulfilling Deliveries for Large Products

January 27, 2016 Published by

In an ecommerce sale, your interaction with a customer doesn’t end with the checkout. It ends after they satisfactorily accept their shipment. For ecommerce merchants who sell large and/or heavy products, the final leg of the product’s journey to the customer can be very costly – especially if the item is returned. Follow these pre-delivery tips to ensure customer delivery-satisfaction for large products. [more]

Communicate product dimensions early and clearly

If a customer can’t accommodate your delivery, they’re likely to send it back or otherwise refuse it. Be upfront with the product’s dimensions and the dimensions of the delivery. Work with the client to ensure that doorways, hallways, elevators, etc. are the right size to accommodate the delivery before it is shipped.

Make a good first impression with packaging

It doesn’t happen often, but customers may refuse functioning products because they appear banged-up, worn, or used. There are a few things you can do to keep a fine product from looking like a reject. Before shipping, clean the product and make any necessary cosmetic repairs (this also has the bonus effect of showing the pride you take in your products). If the packaging undergoes a lot of wear and tear during transit, consider switching it with a new box or container at some point during the “last mile” of delivery.

Educate customers

Many products are returned because they are too complex for the customer to assemble, install, or operate out-of-the-box. You can avoid this scenario by either offering free installation, or a product set-up option for customers during checkout. Other solutions could include a “Getting Started” instructional video, or having the delivery professionals provide a short demo or familiarization session.