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Tips for Offering a Stellar Subscription Service

February 12, 2014 Published by

In a previous blog post, we touched on subscription service offers and the differences between “discovery” and “convenience” subscriptions. In this post, we’ll go over some important points you should consider before and after launching a subscription service. [more]

Choose an Incentive: Most customers are comfortable with ordering products on an as-needed basis. Simply creating and marketing a new subscription service is not likely to generate a lot of subscribers. Choose an incentive – like free shipping, order discount, or bonus items – to attract subscribers.

Offer Customer Control: Contracts and commitments tend to scare off prospective customers – especially for discovery subscriptions. Make sure your subscription service allows customers to skip deliveries, accelerate order times, and cancel the service. Make sure to follow up with your customers to find areas where your service needs improvements in order to keep retention levels high.

Upsell & Cross-Sell: Subscription services are one of the best opportunities for upselling and cross-selling that you can create for yourself. Analyze your customers’ behavior after joining your subscription service. What items from the subscription do they return to buy? By tailoring your marketing emails with related products, you can entice customers to add on to their subscription shipments.