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Tips for Increasing Form Conversions & Signups

January 6, 2016 Published by

It’s imperative to stay in touch with the people who buy from your ecommerce site to learn about their tastes and keep them posted about changes in your product offerings. Ecommerce has lots of options to help you acquire customer information, but user-submitted forms are the most popular and can be the most useful. However, you should ask yourself whether you are making the most of this data acquisition tool. Since optimized forms can lead to a stronger customer foundation, use these tips to make your forms more successful. [more]

Fix defunct forms

Well-established ecommerce companies may have a buildup of forgotten, outdated, or nonfunctional forms. Check your website and mobile apps for forms that do not work correctly, contain outdated company information, or that lack the data points you are currently collecting.

Optimize mobile forms

Remember – mobile users need to “tap in” their information to forms, which is a less comfortable process compared to desktop. To keep them from bouncing away, you need to make sure your mobile forms are short and simple. Ask only for essential information, then follow up for more detailed information later (perhaps using a prompt during checkout or an email with a “complete your profile” link).

Make your pop up forms more user friendly

Pop-up forms can be quite effective if they are implemented correctly. Display the form for first-time site visitors, but not every time a shopper visits your site. If you show the pop-up too often, you run the of risk frustrating visitors. You should also provide a clear way to close the pop-up (e.g. an “X” or a “No Thanks” button).