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Tips for Choosing Warehouse Devices That Will Last

March 11, 2015 Published by

Order picking technology is critical for maintaining productivity and organization in the warehouse. Problems with picking technology can cause delays, thereby increasing costs – so it’s important to equip your warehouse properly. If you plan to upgrade your picking system or devices in the near future, use these tips to select new technology that will last while also increasing the efficiency of your picking team. [more]

Check the IP Code

The IP Code (aka Ingress Protection Marking) is a rating of protection for the mechanical casings and/or electrical enclosures of the picking devices. The first number in an IP code is a rating for protection of solid particles. The second number rates how well the system is protected from liquids. Even when carefully handled, technology can really be stressed by the warehouse environment due to things like dust clouds, temperature swings (which create condensation), vibrations, and potential water hazards. Make sure to select equipment that has an IP code that matches your warehouse environment. In most cases, IP54 or higher should suffice.

Address mounting and mobility issues

Lots of warehouse vehicles have options for permanently mounted picking technology. However, if the vehicle breaks down or otherwise has trouble accessing some areas, the usefulness of the picking technology becomes limited. Instead, look into interchangeable mounting systems. Not only will you be able to detach devices to work away from the vehicle, but you may also be able to order fewer units overall and distribute them where needed.

Invest in antennas

Heavy machinery, thousands of steel shelves, and acres of space can impede the wireless data flying around your warehouse. Make sure to invest in heavy-duty antennas to keep your network accessible and the data flying fast.