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Things to Consider Before Offering International Shipping

January 22, 2014 Published by

International shipping is a sort of “coming-of-age” moment for ecommerce businesses. While it is a noteworthy service, your company needs more than just size and sales to make international shipping a worthwhile offering. [more] Take it from the logistics experts, international shipping comes along with several considerations, like:

Payment Options – The major US credit cards are not necessarily popular in every other country. If you want to offer international shipping, you will need to expand your accepted payment options – depending on the countries you want to expand into.

Accurate Quoting – International shipping can be around eight times higher than standard US shipping. If you aren’t able to provide international customers with accurate shipping quotes during the checkout process, then your company is going to be taking the brunt of the under-estimated shipping costs.

Increased Fraud Risk – According to CyberSource Corp., international orders are more than three times as likely to be fraudulent. It may be a good idea to create an anti-fraud division for your ecommerce site, or to revise your current anti-fraud practices.

Other, more general considerations for deciding whether to offer international shipping include duty barriers, import/export regulations, and market size. While it can be an excellent way to expand your ecommerce business, international shipping needs a lot of research to determine if it’s a feasible business decision before jumping into it.