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The Most Important Aspects of Customer Experience, Part 1

December 8, 2021 Published by

Someone who was able to purchase products they wanted from your site, and received them on time, is a satisfied customer. However, that level of satisfaction is also the bare minimum of your customer’s expectations. In today’s competitive ecommerce industry, it may not be enough to get ahead. That’s why focusing on the customer experience (CX) your company offers is critical for standing out from competitors and earning repeat business.

A good CX comes from consistently meeting the individual’s expectations during ALL touchpoints with your business. Things like how easy it is for customers to find the right products on your website, how active & responsive you are on your social media channels, and many other factors are all cumulative to the customer experience. To stay in the game and set your brand apart, there are a few areas you need to focus on in order to ensure your CX is strong. In this series of blog posts, we’ll start by focusing on the most important area: communicating with your customers.

Customer Communication

There are many customer touchpoints where prompt and personable communication can dramatically improve the customer experience. Take social media for example. Because it provides a convenience to most consumers, offering customer support through social media is a great competitive differentiator. By promptly responding to customer issues on social media, you’re demonstrating your commitment to customer service to all your followers (not just the ones asking for assistance).

It’s also an excellent opportunity to engage with your satisfied customers. If someone is raving about your service, acknowledge them. Reply to comments or even send a personal email to your advocates showing your appreciation. Doing so can create dozens of brand advocates who will greatly assist your PR efforts while bolstering your customer experience.

Order status updates are another tool that some ecommerce companies fail to recognize as an important communication touchpoint. Include details like when their order is expected to ship, when it’s shipped, where their order is located, and continuous updates about the expected delivery date and time. The more your customer knows, the more they trust you with their business.

Finally, think about ways you can open new lines of communication with your customers (or, make improvements to your existing ones). For example, not many ecommerce companies test with their customers, but 52% of consumers say they would like to be able to reach out to support agents through SMS (aka: text messaging), while 47% say that texting would improve their overall customer service satisfaction. Offering convenient SMS communications could be a great way to enhance your CX.