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The Essential Elements of eCommerce

October 2, 2013 Published by

For ecommerce veterans and novices alike, pinning down the essential parts of an ecommerce business doesn’t always come immediately to mind.  [more] Below are a few important elements of ecommerce you should think about periodically to make sure your business is running the best way possible:

Shipping: Perhaps the largest element of ecommerce, the shipping process triggers several events in an ecommerce – like invoices, warehouse activity, and more. The best shipping method gets your goods where they need to go, both expeditiously and economically. Take a good look at your logistics management to find areas where the shipping process can be improved.

Orders: Not to be confused with a “purchase,” an order starts at the time of purchase. An order can be thought of as like the history of a purchase – it stores the purchased items, shipments, invoices, and the customer that made the order. Having a top-notch order management system is critical for keeping track of business and serving your customers.

Inventory Management: Inventory management involves tracking the number of items for sale, waiting to be shipped, pending to be returned, and on backorder. A good inventory management system is important for giving your company a clear understanding of what products need to be ordered and whether they should be discontinued.

Marketing: Whether through emails, direct mail, or other forms of advertising, marketing is important for growing your ecommerce business. For new ideas to boost your marketing initiatives, check out the marketing tips in our blog.