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The Benefits of Sustainable Ecommerce Packaging

June 24, 2020 Published by

Visual representation of sustainable packaging

Providing sustainable packaging is more important than ever. According to a 2019 Dotcom Distribution study, over half of all shoppers are more likely to buy from brands that use sustainable packaging. The onus is now on companies, both big and small, to meet customers’ demands for ecologically friendly business practices. However, many companies are concerned about how changing to eco-friendly packaging will affect their bottom line.

Here are the benefits of sustainable ecommerce packaging to help you decide whether or not to make the change.

Sustainable Packaging Decreases Your Carbon Footprint

Eco-friendly packaging protects the environment due to the sustainable materials and methods used to make it. Sustainable packaging is usually made from biodegradable, recycled material – which reduces the need to harvest new raw materials from natural resources during production. Biodegradable materials also do not linger as long in the environment, reducing their ecological impact.

It Can Save You Money

When many businesses think about switching to sustainable packaging, the word that typically pops into mind is “Expensive.” Forty-three percent of businesses cite cost as their main barrier to using sustainable packaging. However, it does not have to be this way.

Businesses revamping their packaging design may discover that they’ve been using more packaging than necessary. Using an efficient, trimmed-down packaging design made from sustainable materials can save you a lot of money in the long run. Just make sure to avoid the typical packaging mistakes ecommerce businesses make.

Sustainable Packaging is a Great Selling Point

Many newcomers to ecommerce have found that using platforms such as Shopify allow them to build a site and start selling in no time. While access to the marketplace is certainly easier now, if you’re a newcomer, you’ll also find that this accessibility has now led to more competition. In a crowded marketplace, it can be incredibly difficult to set yourself apart. Providing sustainable packaging can be especially helpful for e-tailers who need to find unique ways to make their brand stand out. This is because consumers now care about the impacts of their purchase habits and want to do their part in helping the environment.

Deciding to Make the Change

It can be scary to make changes to your business, but the benefits of doing so can be well worth the risk. Weigh the pros and cons of sustainable packaging and see if your business can grow while staying ecologically friendly.