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The Benefits of Premium Packaging

April 20, 2016 Published by

Premium packaging (i.e. custom or stylized packaging that is exclusive to your brand) can play a large role in customer satisfaction and brand perception. When done right, your packaging can create a memorable, positive experience for customers. And if they’re new customers, that first impression can go a long way. An ecommerce packaging study by Dotcom Distribution found that 61% of online shoppers think that premium packaging makes a brand seem more upscale and 49% of shoppers say they get more excited about opening an order delivered in premium packaging. [more]

Further, customized packaging does more than enhance the experience of customers who have already ordered from you – it can also boost your word-of-mouth marketing on social media. Shoppers love to brag about recent purchases to their networks. Some ecommerce sites prompt customers to share their purchases on social media immediately after checkout – but this is arguably less effective. Think about the trends you see on social media right now. Do your friends post “I just ordered the beef wellington with spring risotto” or do they post a photo of the dish right when it’s delivered to them? In the above Dotcom Distribution study, 40% of shoppers said branded packaging made them more likely to recommend a product to friends, and 54% of those who shared online an image of a purchase did so intending to recommend it to family and friends.

Ecommerce sites that want to make the best impression on their shoppers should consider customizing their packaging accordingly. If it’s done right, consumers will be more likely to enjoy their experience, order again, and tell their friends. At Fulfillment Works, we have lots of resources to design and produce custom packaging for our clients. Contact us to learn how we can help.