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The Benefits of Back-in-Stock Alerts

September 17, 2014 Published by

On one hand, it’s great if your ecommerce site has out-of-stock items – it means you’ve sold them all! On the other hand, they can cause bouncing website traffic and cart abandonment. If the item will be restocked, the product page should not be removed your site. Rather, you should implement a back-in-stock alert for your customers. [more]

Back-in-stock alerts are not just a convenience for customers – they have benefits for the e-tailers who provide them. When customers opt-in for back-in-stock alerts, they give you contact information. Not only have you just saved a sale and kept the customer from buying from your competition, but you’ve gained the opportunity to engage with them via your email marketing campaigns. If the product is not coming back in stock for some time, then the ability to engage with the customer will be very important. Stay on their radar with product updates and personalized recommended products.

It’s worth mentioning that back-in-stock alerts can also be a useful metric for inventory management. Not only can they tell you which items are out of stock, but they let you gauge the demand for those out of stock items – which can help you avoid over- or under-stocking.

If you’re going to utilize back-in-stock alerts, design them just as you would any good marketing email. Keep the design simple and use a call-to-action that allows customers to purchase the item directly through an included link. And if the item is commonly sold out (despite your best stocking efforts), let the customer know that supplies are limited to help keep them from getting frustrated.