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The Bedrock Principles of Customer Service Philosophy

July 27, 2016 Published by

Ecommerce has been the source of so many shakeups in the retail industry, and customer service is a great example. Years ago, concepts like educating customers about your brand and products and guiding their purchase process without real-time interaction was hard to imagine. Now, there are many online tools and solutions to facilitate ecommerce customer service… but these don’t make those services “better” necessarily. Rather, your company’s vision of customer service and accessibility are critical for lasting success. [more] These core principles should be a part of any ecommerce company’s big picture approach to customer service:


Even though customers aren’t always pleasant, customer service is not a “necessary evil” of running a retail business. Value your customers and prioritize servicing them to maintain trust and loyalty over the long term.

Empower & Communicate

Customer service should be used for offense rather than defense. Empower your customers with information wherever you can – publish information, make it easy to access, and communicate throughout the customer journey.

Internal organization

Disorganization behind the scenes can easily come to the forefront and impact customer service. Establish healthy internal communication systems, then decide how and when you expose portions of those systems to your customers.

Keep these core ideas at the center of your approach to customer service, and you’ll have a strategic base for ensuring customers are informed, understood, and impressed by your service well into the future.