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The Advantages of “Pick, Pack, and Ship”

August 28, 2013 Published by

When it comes to managing the logistics of their business, most ecommerce companies seek out a pick, pack and ship solution. Pick, pack, ship is a warehousing service where warehouse staff completes orders by picking items from inventory, packing them, then shipping them off to the customer. It also helps ecommerce businesses large and small save money. [more]

In-house order fulfillment is prohibitive for most companies. Buying or leasing a warehouse and a shipping fleet is expensive. Hiring and managing a staff to run it also has its unique challenges. That’s why many companies outsource their order fulfillment services. In addition to circumventing all of those startup challenges, fulfillment houses that offer pick, pack, and ship services can offer even more savings. That’s because the efficiency of the system allows you to purchase and store products in bulk, manage inventory, and accurately track orders.

At Fulfillment Works, our pick, pack, and ship operations run on solutions like real-time online inventory management, 99.9% warehouse inventory accuracy, the industry’s fastest turnaround times, customized reporting capabilities, competitive pricing, and seamless transition planning and implementation. These attributes translate directly into cost-saving solutions for our clients. Learn more about how our fulfillment services can give your ecommerce an edge by contacting us today!