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The Advantages of Custom Packaging

September 2, 2015 Published by

For many e-tailers, custom packaging is seen as a sub-optimal use of operating funds. To them, “custom packaging” is just another way of saying “branded packaging,” and since customers already know who is sending the package, what’s the point? In reality, custom packaging is a little more complex than that. And with the current focus on DIM shipping and logistics reevaluation, many e-tailers are learning about the benefits of customized packaging for their products. [more]

To start, “custom” doesn’t just mean boxes and poly-bags with your logo printed on them. It also means box sizes and protective packaging that’s customized for your products. With DIM pricing becoming standard for shipping rates, customizing your packaging to an optimal size and level of protection can save you money on shipping costs over the long-term. On top of that, the previously mentioned branding features can improve customer perception of your business.

In terms of savings, a customized size will help get you the best DIM shipping rate for every single order. Customized protection from less weighty and less voluminous dunnage also contributes to getting better shipping rates. Since its custom-fit, it also works better than general dunnage at protecting your products – which means fewer returns.

Branded custom packaging can also play a role in customer satisfaction. When done right, branded or stylized packaging represents a unique opportunity to create a memorable, positive experience for customers. If they’re new customers, that first impression can go a long way. Not only are you saving money, but you’re creating a better brand image in the eyes of your customers. With these advantages in mind, customized packaging is definitely worth considering for any size ecommerce business.