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Tall Order: The Challenges of Same-Day Shipping

June 1, 2016 Published by

When talking about the future of ecommerce, same-day or on-demand delivery is usually at the forefront of the discussion. And thanks to increasing logistical efficiency, technological advances, and efforts from major companies like Amazon and Google – same-day shipping may not be too far from becoming standard. Unfortunately, the fundamentals of same-day shipping are still incredibly challenging today. [more]

Without a faster way of getting packages from point A to point B, same-day delivery takes vast amounts of inventory to be feasible. Essentially, an ecommerce company needs to have inventory already in the area if it wants to offer same-day shipping there.

There’s also the issue of cost. Online shoppers already hate to pay shipping costs – until there is enough demand for the service, it may only be cost-effective to offer same-day on a seasonal basis.

As with most ecommerce innovations, same-day shipping is likely to evolve alongside the industry. There could soon be an alignment of consumer demand, cost, and general feasibility that could make same-day shipping into a beneficial sales incentive for well-equipped ecommerce companies, but nationwide availability could still be in the distant future.