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Success Tips for Targeting New Regions and Markets

February 24, 2016 Published by

Going global with your ecommerce company is no easy task. Success on the global stage requires expert planning and inventory management to ensure you can deliver your products to consumers when and where they’re in demand. In this post, we’ll cover some important considerations and tips for success when expanding your logistical footprint to new regions. [more]

Brand perception

Even if an ecommerce brand has a strong perception in one part of the world, the strengths of a brand may not mean as much to customers in another part of the world. When entering a new market, you must take into account the values of customers in the region and adjust your branding accordingly.

Logistics agility and inventory transparency

Customer preferences, cultural differences, and geographical differences can all impact how successful your inventory management is across regions. Market data and fulfillment management technology will play a crucial role in helping you to optimize inventory distribution to fit regional demands. With a strong knowledge of your inventory’s size and distribution, you can optimize it to continually refine product assortments according to regional buying behavior.

Payment Options

The major US credit cards are not necessarily popular in every other country. You will need to expand your accepted payment options according to regional preferences. You should also fully understand any regional fees (e.g. currency conversion, taxes, cross-border fees, etc.) and ensure your customers are aware of them during the checkout process.