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Subject Line Tips for Email Marketing

April 16, 2014 Published by

Mobile devices continue to change the marketing landscape for every kind of ecommerce site. Thanks to mobile devices, consumers have more connection to their email than ever before – so your email marketing better be at the top of its game! The subject line is what prompts the first interaction from a user, so it’s the most important part. For this blog post, we’ll go over some basic tips to help you make the most of your subject lines. [more]

The subject line in a marketing email represents a delicate balance between having enough information to entice a user to open it, and containing that information in a limited space. Most emails take one of two approaches: Direct (Get Free Shipping, Today Only!) or Teaser (It’s Wise… To Accessorize!). When writing your subject lines, opt for the former and use specific details like “free,” “exclusive,” “limited time,” etc.

It should be noted that sometimes inserting sales-related details can increase the chances of your mail being sent to the spam folder. However, these types of buzzwords are only one of many ranking factors measured by spam filters. If you’re worried that your customers aren’t receiving your legitimate mailings because of spam filters, look forward to a future blog post where we will discuss email marketing and spam in detail.

Remember, your email is probably competing with hundreds of others for the user’s attention. Even if your teaser is clever, it won’t demand as much attention as a direct call-to-action.
Along those lines of “directness,” avoid lying or misleading users with the subject line. If your subject line contains “Up to 50% off,” but the majority of items are only 10% or 15% you’ll only succeed in annoying your customers. Think of “The Boy Who Cried Wolf.” If you mislead your customers enough times, they will stop opening your emails.

Now that you’re subject line has gotten the customer to click through, you’ll need an email design that works on mobile devices and leads to a purchase. We’ll cover this topic in our next blog post.