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Streamlining Data for Better Email Marketing

May 6, 2015 Published by

When running an ecommerce business, email marketing is one of your most powerful tools for getting your products in front of customers and convincing them to buy. Unfortunately, email marketing efforts are wasted if the email is ignored or never delivered. That’s why it’s so important to properly maintain the data powering your email lists. Issues like duplicate records, old or incomplete data, and improper data collection methods can reduce the effectiveness of campaigns down the road, or even get your emails blacklisted. Here are some tips to streamline your customer data and improve your email marketing efforts. [more]

Ensure accurate collection

If customer data is entered incorrectly, your marketing efforts will be ineffective. When customers submit their information, make sure the process utilizes an email address validation system that prompts users to re-enter their address if they enter an invalid one. It’s also a best practice to send a verification email asking newly signed-up users to confirm that their information is accurate.

Remove the bouncers

Email bounce backs indicate incorrect or deactivated email accounts, so you should clean them out of your customer data. If you keep emailing accounts that just bounce your email back as “undelivered,” your emails may be flagged as spam. Make sure that your email service is parsing bounce backs and removing them from future email blasts.

Tailor your email content

Use the data you’ve gathered to create individualized emails for better results. Is the customer new? Do they purchase from you regularly? Are they outright brand evangelists? If it’s been a long time since the customer has interacted with your brand, send a “reactivation” email with a special offer that gets them to reconfirm their information. If you have inactive customer data that’s older than two years, remove it from your email file – if they haven’t opened your emails in that long, they’ve likely moved on.