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Strategies to Make the Most of a Free Shipping Promotion

November 13, 2013 Published by

When consumers weigh their options between buying from a brick-and-mortar store or an ecommerce site, shipping costs are definitely the strongest disadvantage any ecommerce site has. Every ecommerce operation would offer free shipping if it didn’t have such an impact on the bottom line. That’s why when you decide to run a free shipping promotion, you need to make it count. Keep these tips in mind to help make your next free or flat rate shipping promotion more effective. [more]

Optimize the Advertising: As we’ve said before, free shipping offers can be very effective at quickly boosting sales. Therefore, you’ll want to use every advertising avenue at your disposal – homepage banners, marketing emails, social media posts, etc. Don’t forget to reach out to third-party sites or other partners. For example, since holiday shopping is already underway, it would be wise to get featured on freeshippingday.com before December 18 (this year’s Free Shipping Day).

Incentive Extensions and Enhancements: There are lots of ways you can make your free shipping promotion more appealing. If you are going to require a minimum purchase order for your promotion, consider adding a “suggested items” section to your shopping cart page to help customers find items they can add to reach the minimum. After making a sale, make sure to follow up with customers to encourage repeat purchases.

Reduce your Costs Where You Can: Lower the free shipping promotion’s impact on your bottom line where possible. If your warehouse is too far from your customers, consider scaling back your free shipping to flat rate shipping instead. Or, weigh the benefits of outsourcing fulfillment services. Fulfillment Works offers the most aggressive pricing every day and we regularly, relentlessly negotiate with all our suppliers and pass the discounts on to you. We get the job done right, no matter what, at the best cost every time.