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Strategies to Capture Mobile Traffic

January 28, 2015 Published by

Did you know that mobile shopping revenue was projected to reach $57.8 billion in 2014 (up 37.2% from $42.1 billion in 2013)? If this trend continues (and it likely will), your ecommerce site needs to be able to capture and cater to mobile traffic. Use these tips to make sure that you’re on the right track. [more]

Mobile Like you Mean it

As we’ve already mentioned, mobile internet usage is growing by leaps and bounds – which means you need to put meaningful effort into you mobile presence. Marketing firm Latitude reported last year that “61% of U.S. consumers have a better opinion of brands that offer a compelling mobile experience than brands that do not, and 40% will turn to a retailer’s competitor based on a bad mobile experience.” Since your mobile site is likely to be even more representative of your brand in the coming years than your desktop site, it’s important to offer a good mobile experience.

Analyze and Strategize

Part of doing well on the mobile front is collecting data and putting it to use on your mobile site. As mobile consumers engage with your ecommerce site, collect data and adjust your strategy accordingly:

  • time spent on a page
  • number of returns to that page
  • average page views before making a purchase
  • etc.

Utilize Social Platforms

Social media and mobile devices go together hand-in-hand. If you want to have an effective mobile strategy, then you should become active on social media to increase your reach and stay tapped into your customer base.