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Site Improvement Ideas to Increase Sales

April 4, 2014 Published by

You should always be researching for ways you can improve your ecommerce website and the experience it offers your target audience. Solutions to these challenges will be different depending on your users and products. The ideas in this post should work for nearly every type of site, and if you haven’t looked into them before, you should. [more]

Use promotional displays: Just like how brick-and-mortar stores have promotional displays inside and out front of their stores, your website should utilize space toward promoting products, sales, and site features. The homepage is usually a great place for your displays, but you can experiment with other areas of your site, too.

Utilize tracking software: Tracking software allows you to understand your users’ product interests, spending habits, and other onsite behavior. This lets you tailor your offerings, product recommendations, ads, and email marketing to be more effective.

Use upselling strategies: Upselling strategies can include offering free gifts or free shipping for certain order totals, or just accurate product recommendations that appear before checkout.

Diligent testing: Use A/B testing to test as many elements of your site as you can to determine which layout, images, copy, headlines, prices, and other variables perform the most successfully.