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Should You Launch a Facebook Store?

July 1, 2020 Published by

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Social media has quickly grown to be an integral part of many people’s lives. Facebook itself has evolved from simply being a social media site to offering business pages, advertising, an online marketplace and even a dating service. Over half of consumers now say that social media sites like Facebook influence their shopping decisions.

With all this in mind, should you launch a Facebook store? We’ll explain the pros and cons of setting up your own Facebook store as well as factors to consider before making the jump.

The Benefits of a Facebook Store

1) Increased Brand Awareness

 Over 1 billion people on average log into Facebook daily and are considered active users. By making a Facebook store, you are reaching a massive audience. Expanding your sales to social media sites can be an excellent way to increase traffic to your online store and improve engagement with your Facebook fans.

With just a website, it’s not as easy to reach and strengthen connections with customers. On Facebook you can quickly field questions through the messenger app, like and respond to customers’ comments, share posts and create promotional campaigns. Your brand will grow in ways you likely could not achieve just having a webpage.

2) Increase Sales

 A Facebook store will increase sales as you are displaying products where customers already are. Seventy-eight percent of American consumers have discovered products through Facebook. Plus, the buying experience on Facebook makes it easy for your customers to purchase your items.

Facebook store streamlines buying as it eliminates half the steps in the journey to purchasing. Instead of directing people to your Facebook page and then to your website, customers can buy directly through the shop tab.

3) Free & Easy Way

Facebook stores are free and easy to build. When you build a Facebook store, you are placing your business on a platform that is familiar and user friendly for almost all audiences. Building your own ecommerce store can be trickier – as you must handle creating a great user experience on your own. Providing helpful online tools and services is an important to customer retention strategy, so consider the decision to create your own store carefully.

Considerations Before Making a Facebook Store

If you already have an online store, you should think about the impact a Facebook store will have. Will you be distracting customers from your main storefront, or opening yourself to a new market? Consider all the ways customers both old and new will react to your new Facebook store.

If you don’t already have an online store, you should ask yourself what your long-term strategy is. Creating a Facebook store is an easy way to start selling, but you should think about your future strategy. Consider the difference between rented and owned web properties. If you build your own website, you own your property and decide on your strategic direction. However, a Facebook store is a rented web property, and Facebook can change your strategy as they please. What if they decide to shut you down for strategic reasons or start charging high amounts to rent a storefront? These are factors you must consider before deciding to operate solely through your Facebook store.

Making the Jump

In the end, it’s best to launch a Facebook store when you have an integrated, clear strategy in mind. Although having a Facebook store can be incredibly beneficial, planning for how you will navigate changes in the marketplace long-term will yield the best results.