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Shipping and Packaging Tips for Natural and Organic Beauty Products

October 7, 2020 Published by

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Homemade bath and body products can be a great addition to anyone’s hygiene or beauty routine – if they arrive intact to your doorstep that is. The truth is that while craft beauty products may often be of better quality than their store-bought counterparts, it is all too easy for them to be damaged in transit. This makes understanding how to properly pack and ship your beauty products vital. Here are our top shipping and packaging tips for natural and organic beauty products to ensure your items are delivered to customers in mint-condition.

Tip #1: Choose The Right Shipping Service

It can be tough to choose the right shipping service, as what may work well for one company may not be the best for you. All sorts of factors from the size of your package, the destination, and even shipping staff will affect results. Some businesses will opt for shipping services like the USPS while others may seek the help of a third-party logistics provider. Regardless of the service you choose, make sure to keep in mind insurance, confirmation, and tracking options.

Tip #2 Choose the Right Packaging

Choosing a great shipping service and the right package materials goes a long way in successfully shipping your natural beauty products. When it comes to natural products, many businesses choose to ship their products in the following formats:

  • Envelopes: This is a great option for any small, durable products. Because they are flat and sturdy, bar soaps are a great product to ship in envelopes. You can also ship small, durable items like cosmetics and lip balm. It’s even possible to pack large items like plastic jars and bottles, but make sure your packaging is strong and avoid glass jars and bottles where possible. The only downside is, although envelopes typically have a small amount of built-in padding, there is little room left to insert additional packing materials. To ensure eco-friendliness, use a padded mailer, which is made with cardboard that is safer for the environment, instead of a bubble mailer as the plastic of bubble wrap has a negative impact on the environment.


  • Boxes: If your items are large or cannot lay flat, using a box is better than an envelope. Boxes are also better for delicate items like bath bombs as they can be filled with many padding materials. Be sure to use one that is a little bit larger than your product to make room for packing material. Secure your product by placing it in the center of a sturdy box and taping it securely.

Tip #3: Adapt Packaging To Temperature

When you’re shipping products in the winter, you don’t need to worry about any heat damaging them. But if you’re shipping them in hot weather, you should think about packing your heat sensitive products with ice packs, using fast shipping, and conducting a “ship test.” Oil-based products and wax balms will be more sensitive to heat and need extra care and attention during the summer months.

Fortunately, cold temperatures will not affect natural beauty products like extreme heat. Plenty of beauty products can freeze and thaw without any negative effects. However, emulsified products, like lotion, are temperature sensitive. When your lotions freeze and thaw, emulsification can break and lotion separates. This is also true for emulsified products like heavy creams and scrubs.

For any products that are sensitive to humidity, like bath bombs, think about including moisture-absorbing silica packets in your box along with packing material. If you don’t know how your product reacts to cold temperatures, then place your item in a freezer for 2 or 3 days and let it thaw at room temperature. This gives you an idea of what will happen if your product faces cold temperatures during shipping.

Tip #4: Provide Alerts For Your Customers

Finally, make sure you alert your customers when your package arrives to their destination. Your packages may get left at any alternate entrances like side or back doors, which may cause it to sit in the hot sun or rain for a few days. Your customer may also want you to send their package to an office space, or to a friend’s house where they can receive it instantly.

Shipping delicate items like natural beauty products can be nerve-racking, but with a clear strategy, your items can arrive on time and unscathed. Taking the time to create successful deliveries will pay off with many benefits like customer retention, decreased returns, and more.