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Preparing for Holiday Shipping

November 26, 2014 Published by

The busy season for ecommerce (or the “holiday season” for those not in the biz) is already underway. How well is your business prepared? Before you get up to your ears in orders, follow these tips to make sure your logistics and shipping processes are up to task. [more]

Streamline your inventory: In many ways, your inventory is the foundation for many aspects of your ecommerce business. If your brand also works with retail locations and affiliates, then things get even more complex. A fully-equipped fulfillment management system will keep the ebb and flow of your inventory on track. Optimize your shipping options: Shipping issues are one of the top causes of cart abandonment, and even more so during the holidays. Customers are working gift budgets and under a deadline. If you can’t give them accurate shipping quotes and delivery estimates, you’re going to miss out on some sales. Finalize a returns policy: Similar to the above, vague or unfavorable returns policies are another major factor of cart abandonment – and returns are at their highest during the holiday season. Do what you can to make your return policy crystal clear, and help customers where you can (e.g. include a return shipping label with orders, free returns for the first 30 days, etc.).