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Options for Combating New Dimensional Weight Pricing

May 5, 2015 Published by

How has your ecommerce business been handling the new dimensional weight shipping rules of 2015? If you’ve noticed an increase in your shipping expenses, you’ll need to make some changes to bring your shipping costs down to pre-2015 levels. [more]

FedEx and UPS are the ones who announced a change in dimensional weight pricing, but sometimes we forget that they’re not the only carriers in the world. Have you checked to see what regional carriers may be able to do for you? Even with extra service fees, regional carriers may be able to give you a better deal.

Another commonly overlooked option is the USPS. The price increases they announced this year (which go into effect April 26) are not too bad, and they only affect certain mail classes and services – so they may not apply to your shipments. Also, their dimensional weight pricing only applies to packages going to Zone 5 or beyond that are larger than 1 cubic foot.

If your research shows that switching carriers won’t work well, you’ll need to reevaluate your packaging for ways to reduce cost. Your goal will be to reduce package volume without risking damage to the contents, or compromising on the experience you want customers to have when receiving your packages. Ironically, the package engineering labs at major carriers like UPS and FedEx might be the best place to find the most cost-efficient packaging.