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Mobile Shoppers and Push Message Marketing

December 4, 2013 Published by

Using the Internet with a computer, and using the Internet from a mobile device seem to have only one small difference (the device you’re using). But when it comes to engaging customers and marketing to them, mobile devices have changed the game.  [more] Consider some recent research from GigaOm Media that shows the most common tasks completed by mobile shoppers:

  • 28% — Find coupons
  • 27% — Compare prices
  • 25% — Find upcoming events
  • 25% — Get offers and deals
  • 20% — Shop for gifts
  • 20% — Compare products
  • 19% — Check stock in stores
  • 19% — Remember products to buy
  • 18% — Keep up with new products
  • 16% — Manage rewards earned

A general theme that runs through this usage pattern is that customers are trying to educate themselves about your products, asking questions like:

  • What products are available?
  • What’s the best price?
  • When is the best time to buy?

By helping customers research your products and prices, they will be more inclined to complete a purchase from your stores. Push notifications based on real-time location, user preferences, customer segments and behaviors, etc. are a great way to reach these customers. When a customer visits your ecommerce website, or when they access your site while visiting a retail location, you can send them targeted push notifications featuring messages, offers, or other content.

Apps are another great way to reach your mobile customers, which we’ll cover in an upcoming blog post.