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Merchandising Tips for Ecommerce

May 25, 2016 Published by

Professional product presentation is not only important in real life, it’s also important online. In a brick-and-mortar store, customers can usually interact with a product in many ways – they can see it from every angle, hold it, demo it, and/or ask questions of sales associates. In ecommerce, the images and descriptions on your product pages are your customers’ only insight to your products (aside from user reviews, which can vary in detail). Investing in these merchandising elements improves the user experience of your site, and also improves the perception of your brand and products. [more]

Photos are one of the most important elements of merchandising your products. In most cases, you should give your users something more than the standard manufacturer-provided photos – which tend to convey only the most basic information about a product. Of course, image quality is a top priority. But, you should also make sure to include images that provide multiple viewpoints/angles of the product with magnifying options. If the product is available in different colors or variations, have photos of each version. Images showing how the product is used are also a great idea.

Product descriptions should be detailed, informative, and punchy. Educate shoppers about functions and features, specifications, and advantages over similar products (if applicable). In doing this, you don’t want to frustrate your users with a wall of text, so keep your product descriptions short and to the point. When possible, try to let your images do the talking.

By optimizing these elements of your product pages, you’ll be creating a better user experience for your customers while providing them with reasons to purchase your products. If you do well through the rest of the transaction process, they’re sure to return and purchase again.