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Marketing Tips Using Direct Mail Campaigns

September 18, 2013 Published by

Direct mail campaigns have been a stand-by advertising tool for retail and ecommerce companies for decades. Although email marketing has lessened the need for direct mail over the years, there are still advantages to using direct mail. However, the execution of the campaign must be carefully considered in order to maximize your return on investment.  [more] Think about the following issues as you develop a direct mail campaign:

Your Target Audience: One of the biggest detractions for direct mail campaigns is cost. Unlike an email campaign, mass-marketing tactics are going to be a poor use of resources in a direct mail campaign. Carefully review your target demographics, their spending habits, income, needs, preferences, etc. to make sure that your message is being mailed only to those most likely to respond.

Customer Incentive: Direct mail works best by asking customers to respond to an offer. Forget about using general announcements and advertisements; make sure your direct mail campaign gives customers a clear call-to-action. You’ll also want to consider your incentive, which will increase the chances that the customer will follow the call-to-action. Include a coupon, reward, or free sample to increase the effectiveness of the campaign.

Testing: You should test your campaign with a small number of mailings to fine-tune its effectiveness and response rate. Use an A/B split test (group A receives a message slightly different from group B) to learn which parts of your direct mail message work, and which don’t. After testing, you can launch the campaign to greater effect.