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Marketing Email Ideas for 3 Types of Customers

July 29, 2015 Published by

Email marketing is an effective way to keep your customers aware of all your latest offers. They can also increase repeat purchases, strengthen brand loyalty, and reinforce value – if they are targeted properly. Here are three email ideas that work best for different types of customers. [more]

For inactive customers

Before removing inactive subscribers from your email list, give it another shot with a “we miss you” style email. You should take an approach of reminding the customer why they subscribed in the first place, rather than a cold “inactive account warning.” Talk about your prices, shipping specials, flexible return policies, customer support features, etc. You can also offer alternative ways for them to keep in touch with your brand, like social media. And of course, you can include coupons or shipping deals to convince them to come back.

For new subscribers who haven’t purchased

If you have users that are interested enough to open your emails, but not enough to actually make a purchase, your best bet is to give them a special offer. But, you may also want to consider why your initial onboarding emails were ineffective. Ask yourself if they could be more effective by including things like content that encourages confidence in your products (e.g. performance data, competitor comparisons, video demonstrations, etc.) or reviews and ratings from other shoppers.

For loyal customers

A coupon can show customer appreciation, but in a limited capacity. Chances are, you’re already emailing special offers to your customers regardless of their purchase volume. Make your customer really feel valued by thinking outside the box. Perhaps early access to a sale, membership benefits, or even a free gift.