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Little Things you can do to Retain Customers

February 17, 2016 Published by

In ecommerce, returning customers are your bread and butter. Once the hard work of getting their attention, trust, and first purchase is completed, they tend to buy more (and more often) from you. In fact, returning customers generate about three times more revenue than new customers. Keeping customers engaged and coming back to your site is critical for ecommerce success. Internet marketing efforts like email newsletters and a social media presence are good for accomplishing this, but the other half of customer retention is providing customers with a good experience the first time (and every time) they purchase from you. Below are some small ideas that can go a long way toward leaving a good impression on your customers – encouraging them to shop again. [more]

Manage delivery expectations:

It may be tempting to quote customers your best delivery times as status quo, but it can set them up for disappointment if there is a delay. Instead, under-promise and over-deliver; if your standard shipping takes 3 days, say it takes 4–5. That way, customers will always receive their deliveries early, or on time.

Include surprises:

Add some product samples or a handwritten thank you note to a customer’s delivery. These simple add-ons add a personal touch to the delivery and can leave a lasting impression on your customers.

Invite customers to return:

Whether it’s a membership invitation, coupon, or product brochure, including some marketing materials can help you to connect with the customer right at the unboxing stage, help reinforce a relationship with the customer and encourage them to come back for more great products and great customer service.