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Knocking a Customer off the Fence: Encouraging Purchases and Return Customers

April 15, 2015 Published by

Ecommerce companies already use lots of resources to get users talking about their products and interacting with their website. Still, the most difficult part is getting customers through the checkout process without abandoning the transaction. Most of the time, customers abandon carts because they have second thoughts; they search elsewhere for more information on prices, performance, and similar products. [more]

To increase the number of completed purchases, ecommerce sites must reinforce the value behind their products so that customers feel ready to complete the purchase right away. You can do this by including certain features on your site, such as:

  • Relevant content that encourages confidence in the purchase (e.g. performance data, video demonstrations, etc.)
  • Reviews and ratings from other shoppers
  • A limited-time discount that entices the visitor to purchase now, rather than waiting

However, your efforts shouldn’t stop once a customer gets through checkout. Upselling and strategies that enhance the value of the purchase for the customer can increase the order total while being helpful. Encourage repeat purchases by following up with a thank you message that includes a discount offer for another purchase. And of course, referral offers can also increase your total sales. Using these features to provide shoppers with a personalized experience can go a long way toward building customer satisfaction and increasing sales.