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Kitting Products for a Competitive Edge

July 10, 2013 Published by

As the retail space grows more competitive, so to does consumer savvy as they become better at comparison shopping and bargain hunting across multiple channels. If the products you sell are available elsewhere, the competition can be tough. However, you may be able to differentiate your business and attract customers by creatively kitting your products. [more]

When you are kitting your products, you take individual items out of your inventory and bundle them together. The kits are then ready-to-ship when orders are placed. Depending on the design of the kit, you can get significant saving in shipping and handling compared to combining the products at the time of order. But more importantly, kitting allows you to create unique product combinations.

Kitting products together creates value for your customers. As customers shop around for a product, there’s a strong chance they’ll be drawn to the version that’s bundled with related products. Since you’ve designed the kit exclusively for your store, it will have a unique SKU. Consumers commonly do online searches of a product’s SKU while searching for the best price. With your kit’s unique SKU, consumers won’t be able to find it elsewhere – helping you stand out among competitors.

Depending on your product line and suppliers, kit design can be challenging. At Fulfillment Works, we can support the design and actual production of the kit components whether they are print, premium, or point-of-purchase items. Contact us to learn more about kitting and how it can help your business save money and attract customers.