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Incorporating Self-Service Support on Your Ecommerce Website

January 8, 2014 Published by

The sayings “The customer is always right” and “If you want it done right, do it yourself” come together to play an important role in the ecommerce space. Self-service support – where customers use FAQs, user forums, site content, or other means to solve a problem or answer a question without the assistance of customer service staff – is rapidly gaining popularity in the ecommerce industry. [more]

Incorporating a self-service support system on an ecommerce site can be a win-win scenario. According to multichannelmerchant.com, 91% of users say they would use an online support center if it were available and tailored to their needs. Not only can a self-service support system cater to your customers’ needs, but is also benefits your business by lightening the load on your customer service staff.

However, launching self-service support on your site doesn’t necessarily mean that your customers will find it useful. Much like other elements of your ecommerce site, self-service support needs to be simple and streamlined.

The most important things to consider while incorporating self-service support are to 1). provide the information your customers need and 2). make that information easy to find. There are many ways you can go about this, but some general tips are:

  • Incorporate a search bar and make sure it is easy to find. It’s most likely to be your customers’ first impression of your self-service support.
  • Listen to your customer feedback so your support center can answer the most common questions
  • Optimize the content in your support center to make it easier to find – either through your site’s search bar, or from a third-party search engine.

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