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Ideas for Email Acquisition

October 29, 2014 Published by

As an ecommerce business, email marketing is one of your most powerful tools for getting your products in front of customers and convincing them to buy. However, growing your list of email subscribers can be challenging – especially when you are just starting out. Luckily, there many ways you can increase the size of your email list (and hopefully your customer base). [more]

Sweepstakes: Select a prize that’s a good representation of your brand or product offerings, and watch the emails roll in! When paired with social media, a sweepstakes can be a very effective tool for growing your email list and increasing your brand awareness.

Lightbox Display: implement a Lightbox with a sign up call-to-action on your homepage or other relevant area of your website for a simple way to collect email addresses of users who are already interested in your site and products. To maximize effectiveness, offer users a coupon or discount for signing up.

Back-in-Stock Alerts: When customers opt-in for back-in-stock alerts, they give you contact information. Not only have you just saved a sale and kept the customer from buying from your competition, but you’ve gained a new email subscriber.

Checkout: You may already be collecting email addresses at checkout to keep customers apprised of their orders. But, don’t forget that you can use the checkout process to promote other types of content or email lists, if you have them (such newsletters, buyer’s clubs, etc.)