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How we Target 99.9% Inventory Accuracy

July 13, 2016 Published by

Fulfillment Works is a full-service, end-to-end fulfillment company serving start-ups and Fortune 500 giants alike, across North America and beyond. We’ve attracted these clients by showcasing our strengths as a company – including our 99.9% warehouse inventory accuracy. [more]

Maintaining this kind of track record starts from within. Among our core values as a company is a recognition that our employees largely contribute to our success. We strive to provide a work environment where staff members don’t simply come to work, but come to excel. By combining the expertise of individuals with the driving force of teamwork, we have all worked at understanding the intricacies of ecommerce and order fulfillment to maximize strengths in our system while minimizing errors across tens of thousands of orders.

Technology plays an important role as well. Our fully automated inventory management and order processing system tracks all inventory movement whether it is inventory in/out or bin/location transfers – all refined by product versions, lot numbers, and even expiration dates. Our inventory management solutions don’t just track accurately, they help clients control costs by keeping instep with current inventory stock levels and accurately forecasting future demand.

Because Fulfillment Works is detailed, efficient, and statistically close to perfection, we’re prepared to meet whatever challenge you may be facing. Contact us to learn how we can serve your fulfillment and distribution needs.