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How to Turn Followers Into Customers on Social Media

May 29, 2015 Published by

For many businesses, social media is a new frontier. If your business is just starting out on social media it can be difficult to come up with effective ways to engage your audience and drive sales. Here are some tips to help turn your social media followers into customers. [more]

Use visuals

It’s so easy to scroll right past plain text in most social media news feeds. You’re more likely to increase engagement with pictures or, better yet, video. Create videos of demonstrations of your products, or other types of video content to stand out on social media and increase the exposure of your brand.

Strategize your marketing campaigns

It seems like the advertising options for social media platforms become more robust every year. Evaluate your options and see what types of audiences you can reach. With the right kind of targeting, you can connect with the perfect customers.

Embrace mobile

A large amount of traffic on social media sites comes from mobile devices. If your content is engaging, keep mobile users from bouncing off of your site or abandoning their carts by making sure that your website is mobile friendly.

Post special offers

Most of your social media fans already love your products. A promotional offer exclusive to your social media followers can be an easy way to boost sales. Paying to promote the offer can also increase your social fan base.