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How to Successfully Implement Shipping Offers: Part 2

March 12, 2014 Published by

Our last blog post covered different ways to learn your customers’ opinions of shipping offers. In this post, we’ll go over some ideas to help you innovate your shipping offers to find a good fit for both your business and your customers. [more]

  • You don’t have to default to free shipping to entice customers. Experiment with other shipping offers when the “free model” doesn’t fit your business. For example, you can offer discounted shipping when the customer purchases a certain amount or promotes the purchase on social media.
  • Use your fulfillment management software to analyze purchasing data while running experimental shipping offers to find the ones that work best. Also, try to complete your customer testing before your peak season or the holiday season to avoid being overwhelmed.
  • Don’t forget that the returns process is also a part of the shipping equation. If you can streamline your return process into something hassle-free for customers – you can incorporate it in your overall supply chain and use it as a selling point to increase your sales.

With a little testing and innovation, you can find a shipping solution that meets customer expectations without hurting your bottom line.